ivoler Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S3 / S3 Neo Case, Transparent Flexible Silicone Soft TPU Gel Resilient Shock Absorption Bumper Protective Cover

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Brand: ivoler

Color: Transparent


  • Exact Fit: Form-Fitted to your phone with precision cutouts for all buttons and ports which let the operation without any obstacles.
  • Flexibility: Silicone Rubber provides further soft and flexibility to the case and provides better shock-absorbing protection than normal case.
  • Fits Snugly: Slim & Light weight which does not make the phone bulky and offer good grip.
  • Good Protection: Helps protect your phone from everyday wear and tear like scratches and small bumps.
  • Screen and Camera Protection: Raised lip on screen and camera allows you to lift screen and camera on flat surfaces.

Details: 1.Buttons covered: The buttons are covered by the case as well, to help keep out dirt and grime, yet they are still easy to press. 2.Simple design, Simple operation: Simple design with ultra clear skin show off natural beauty of your phone's design. One-handed use is also possible. 3.Excellent grip: Size is exact fit to the phone which provides the perfect amount of grip .That's comfy in the hands. Neither the weather or even the sweat on your hands affects your ability to hold it securely. (Which also does a good job at keeping it in your pocket!) 4.Premium TPU Material: Can effectively delay the phone case from turning yellow (this is due to the molecular stucture of TPU, which contains benzene rings that absorb light easily; once syntheiszed, TPU will slowly turn yellow, but it will do so extremely slowly or not at all if it is not exposed to light. If exposed to light, heat processing, high temperatures, and high humidity, the rate at which it will turn yellow will increase.)