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Question 1: Why the MagSuction does not adhere to my phone?

Answer: The MagSuction works compatibly ONLY with MagSafe phones and phone cases. If your phone does not have MagSafe or your phone case is not MagSafe compatible, the MagSuction won't adhere to your phone. If this is your case, please feel free to contact our after-sale team for a refund.

Question 2: Why the MagSuction does not attach to the desired surface or place?

Answer: The MagSuction can be attached to smooth surfaces like glass for mirrors and windows. It does not work with non-smooth surfaces like texture surfaces or lime walls. If you are not sure what type of surface it works, please feel free to contact us at

After-sale Support

If you have any questions about the product or need a refund, please contact us at for after-sale service. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

About Magsuction

MagSuction began with a mission to revolutionize smartphone usage. Since our inception, our innovative hands-free solution has unlocked the full potential of devices for millions of users. Join those who trust MagSuction for everyday simplicity and reliability.